Wednesday 14 September 2016


For me the best way to start a new character and discover his or her story is to sketch them and see what they end up doing, what environment sits comfortably with the character and what friends appear? What adventures will the pencil take them on? 

And then there are those naughty characters, like little piglet Kay, that impatiently just pop up whenever they want. Even when it isn't her turn yet!

It looks like little Momo has a big bear friend. And I think it is cold where they are, but somehow I think that they would much prefer a warm place with soft grass and flowers. But it isn't anywhere near them. Hmmm. Maybe a little journey might be in order? We'll see. 

I love sketch books and sketching, doodling,  playing, thinking, drawing. And there is of course enormous joy in viewing others' sketch books. I recently bought "The Bird King" by Shaun Tan, and what a joy to view page after page of delicious sketches. And then there is the wonderful Sara Midda's sketchbook "The South of France, a sketchbook". And if you really want to get me drooling there is Oliver Jeffer's Sketchbook. These are some of my favourite sketchbooks. I would love to find out what yours are. It will be such a delight to find more artists' sketchbooks to enjoy and get inspired by!

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