Thursday 22 August 2013

Picture Book Apps and Mud Monsters

I am delighted to tell you that this week my new picture book app, "The Mud Monster", published by Tizio Publishing BV, has come out in iTunes

I'm really proud of this new app and the first reviews that have come in have made me very happy:

 "I just love your books, they really touch my heart." and 
"Wow - what a beautiful app. - Chantal's artwork and stories are so lovely." and 
"I just don’t know what to say, other than, they have done it again.  The Mud Monsters is beautiful.  I love this complete package, including the narration, illustrations and the music."

For the first full review you can click here.

As always it was great fun working with the wizards at Tizio. They take my picture books and with their magic make them come alive. It is such a pleasure to see every page become more fun every time I receive test versions. And now with the full app ready, I am as pleased as punch.

The Mud Monster is a circular story, about 3 animal friends who go on a little fishing expedition after their daily bath. They fish up a giant shell and are curious what is inside, so they rap, tap and knock on the shell. They pull it open and then....! Well, for that you need to read the story yourself. 
And to make that easier, I have a few promo-codes to give away. If you would like a chance to win a promo code for a free Mud Monster Picture Book App, just leave a comment on this blog before Tuesday the 27th of August 2013. I will then put all the names in a hat and draw 3 winners that I will notify through this blog on the same day.

For more information about "The Mud Monster" click here.

Looking forward to seeing your comments and in the mean time... Keep clean!

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